Two years ago we received three Slovenian girls (Sara, Katja and Urška) at our center of youth people in the Guineueta neighborhood (Barcelona). Looking at our place we thought that could be a good idea to realiže a project about art and the recycling, so we did it.

We made various workshops, like doing the decoration of “Guineueta Lliure i Tropical!”, (a party we do once each year): a big sofa with lights, one big light using a scanner, a really nice chair…

It was really good experience, so we thought about doing it again, and two years later we did it not without a lot of work and positivism. We organized three economic campaigns and various workshops about how to do instruments with recycled stuff, because the idea of the project was to do this, principally.

10 persons participated in this project: Alba, Azahara, Cristian, Eric, Gemma, Guillem, Irene, Ivan, Jordi, I Kuco.

After a long and hard travel we had a really warm welcome, and after put our stuff in the place we were sleeping we meet all the people from Youth Club JEDRO.

Each one of us did a instrument : a drum set, a “cajón flamenco”, flutes, a bass… after we recorded them in a Jam.

Also, there has been some mini travels, like going to the Bled Lake, or a night in Ljubljana that was “wubidoo” cool.

We thing that the result of this exchange has been really positive, not only for learn how to construct instruments with recycled stuff, also to know about the Slovenian culture, to meet new nice people, and to see again our old friends.

We are really really thankful for how all the people of Medvode threats us, and we hope that they had the same feeling with us. We hope that we meet again in the ways of life.

This is a beginning of a Big Friendship ;)

Article realitzat per les i els membres del Casal de Joves GUINEUETA, al voltant de la segona part del projecte EKOART, realitzada a Medvode (Eslovènia) del 18 al 25 d’abril de 2011, organitzat pel Youth Club JEDRO.

more info: ekoart-project.org

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